Carpet and Upholstery Spot Removal Services

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The best way to have spots removed from your carpet is to have it cleaned by a professional. At-home methods and store-bought spot treating chemicals can cause further damage to the carpet fibers. Many of these treatments contain soaps, enzymes, and bleaches that can make your once removable spot a mark of permanent discoloration. V&V Carpet Care is a certified member of the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) in Whitesboro, New Hartford and Rome, NY. We're professionally trained in the proper treatment of spots and stains.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

Spots are foreign substances that sit on the surface of a textile and can be removed by proper cleaning methods. Stains are permanent discoloration that cannot be removed by cleaning alone. The longer a spot sits on the carpet, the more likely it is to stain! This is why we recommend applying a fiber protector to your area rugs and furniture. Fiber protector is a fabric sealing application that prevents spots from becoming stains; making it easier for you to clean up spills when they happen! We know that it is not practical to have every little spill professionally cleaned as soon as it happens. Ask our technicians for a copy of our spotting guide the next time they come to service your carpets!
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Why does my spot keep reappearing?

When oils or soap scum build up in the fibers of textiles they can, over time, attract new soil. These spots may become hidden when a rug is dirty. Oils are not water soluble but soil and dirt are. When the textile is cleaned, the soil washes away but the oil stays and continues to attract new filth. This is why the spots become more noticeable after the textile has been cleaned. Over-the-counter home spotting solutions contain highly concentrated chemicals that can be difficult to rinse away. Just like oils, this soap residue builds up and attracts soil.
Imagine if you washed your hair with shampoo but, you never rinsed out product! If your cleaning technician or area rug specialist is alerted to this issue, they can treat the spot to break down the oils. Then, they can thoroughly wash away any leftover soil and residue. If an excessive amount of chemical residue is left in the fibers, it can be difficult to remove all of it yourself. This is another reason why we never recommend using store-bought spotting solutions. Contact us today and we can come make those reappearing spots gone forever!
You can even bring in your area rugs and upholstered furniture to our cleaning facility in Oriskany, NY for a thorough, professional clean! If your wall-to-wall carpeting has reappearing spots it may be due to a "wicking effect." In some cases, a spot is removed from the carpet but it reappears after it dries. This is because the substance soaked into the carpet pad and wicked up through the dry carpet fibers and back to the surface. With these instances, it may
be required that the spot is cleaned multiple times in order to fully extract the spill. This can happen with blood spots, in particular.

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