The Safer Cleaning Method

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Many people want to know what advantage professional steam cleaning has over other conventional forms of carpet cleaning. Unlike dry powder cleaning or encapsulation cleaning, steam cleaning (or sometimes called the extraction method) is the best technique for deep cleaning carpet fibers.

Carpet shampooing uses harsh chemicals to create a lather that separates the dirt from the carpet fibers. This method tends to result in shampoo build-up which will make your carpets look dirtier faster. With steam cleaning, we only use a 100% natural essential oil solvent made from real citrus fruit. This pre-treatment is fully rinsed and extracted from the carpet using high pressure hot water jets and a strong vacuum system. Since it is applied as a pre-treatment, it is extracted from your carpet along with the filth and soil that it breaks down. This application is 100% safe for people and pets and has no strong or harmful odors and leaves no residue.