Professional Deodorization Treatment

Do you have pet odor problems in Whitesboro, New Hartford or Rome, NY?

We love our pets but, at times, we hate the smells they make! Pet urine can do permanent damage to your floors and carpets if left untreated. Let V&V Carpet Care help you to get pet odors under control. We can professionally remove urine and deodorize upholstery, area rugs, and wall-to-wall carpeting to keep your home in Whitesboro, New Hartford or Rome, NY smelling fresh and clean. It is best to treat accidents as soon as they happen. When urine is first deposited onto your carpeting it has a neutral-acidic pH. In this state, it is easy to remove but, as it dries the pH changes. If the urine is left for days at a time on the carpet, it can permanently do damage to the dye structure in the carpet fibers resulting in permanent color loss. Then the odor will not be your only issue! Call us today to schedule your carpet deodorizing appointment!