Make Your Rug Look & Feel Like New

Count on us for area rug cleaning services in Central New York

Over time, foot traffic and general wear can really do a number on your rugs. V&V Carpet Care offers an area rug cleaning service to completely revitalize your area rugs. Our area rug cleaning service makes a huge difference in the look, smell and feel of your rugs.

We can get rid of:

  • Discoloration
  • Dust and dirt buildup
  • Stains
  • Pet odors

Trust us for top-notch area rug cleaning services in Central, NY.

Your Area Rug Cleaning Specialists!

We are a pet-friendly company and all of our products are safe for pets.

Ask us today about our rug protector and custom-fitted rug pads to keep your beautiful floors safe from your leaky pup!

Our Deep Cleaning Process

✓ Inspection

Upon revival of the area rungs, our expert rug technician will measure the rug and identify any damage or stains that need special attention. We identify the type of fibers in the rug so that we can determine the appropriate cleaning products. Then the rug is photographed prior to cleaning.

✓ Dusting

The rugs are sent through our "tumble duster." This acts like a giant rotating cage that shakes loose all of the grit, hair and debris from the rug. This works especially great at removing the fine dust particles from within the rug fibers. Up to 80% of rug soil is dry debris.

✓ Washing

Next, the rug will undergo a thorough cleaning on our specialty "wash floor." The wash floor is an elevated platform that allows us to have a clean surface on which to wash the rugs. It does this by letting the dirty water flow away from the clean rug into a collection trough and down a drain. Each rug is different so we will determine, based off of our initial inspection, what washing process is best for each rug. With this system we can do multiple repetitions of rinsing, washing, squeegeeing and scrubbing to make sure your rug will look as new as the day you bought it!

✓ Specialized Rinsing

After the rugs are washed and rinsed, they enter our centrifuge. This acts like a giant spincycle to expel all of the excess water that did not come out of the rug from squeegeeing on the wash floor. This is the key step in getting your rugs returned to the customer as soon as possible because it cuts down the drying time drastically. This works great for thicker pile rugs and natural fibers.

✓ Fast Drying

The rugs will hang to dry on our drying rack with fans underneath until all of the moisture has left the fibers. The centrifuge step removes the majority of the water to ensure a speedy drying time!

✓ Final Inspection

We will do a thorough inspection of the rug to determine if it is ready to be sent home with the customer. We test to see that all the stains have been removed, the scent is fresh and the fibers are soft. If needed we will retreat any stubborn spots in the rug. When it has passed our strict inspection standards, we will roll it up and send the customer home with a beautiful clean rug!