What are your services?

We built our business on residential carpet cleaning and repairs. Now we specialize in fine fabric cleaning, including area rug and upholstery cleaning. We also know and use the best methods for cleaning tile grout and refinishing VCT floors. Our team is capable of tackling both large commercial jobs and meticulous residential jobs.

How long does it take to dry?

4-6 hours depending on the air conditions and the pile of the carpet. We recommend not walking on the carpet with colored socks or slippers if it is still damp in order to prevent color transfer. We can leave fans to dry the carpet if needed.

Is there a strong chemical odor?

The pre-treatment (which is then cleansed from the carpet during the steam cleaning) has a faint citrus scent that is from essential oils. All scents are natural, have no VOC, and are safe to inhale. We try not to use strongly scented products to be mindful of customers with allergies.

Do you move furniture?

In an effort to keep your belongings safe, please remove any delicate items or valuables from the room. If large pieces of furniture cannot be moved beforehand, we can clean around them. We can move furniture the size of chairs and coffee tables with no issue.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Depending on the use of the carpet, we generally recommend twice a year for residential customers. Commercial carpeting may need to be cleaned more frequently since it incurs more foot traffic.

Why does my carpet have ripples and bumps after I just had it cleaned?

Carpet glue is latex based and can loosen with moisture. Just wait for the carpet backing to completely dry (1-2 days) and it will settle flat.

Can you remove coffee and tea stains?

Yes. We can remove most spots and substances from carpets. We have spotting treatments that are specific to the type of substance that was spilled. Paint and children's play slime cannot be removed.